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I wanted to like this book so much. It had great reviews and I thought the synopsis sounded interesting. But I was just so bored and confused. Is it historical fiction? Is it sci-fi/fantasy? The two genres seemed forced and while I really tried to like and root for the main character Nannerl, I just couldn't.

This book is supposedly based on the real stories behind the famous composer Mozart and his never-heard-of-before sister. His sister is an amazing pianist and composer in her own right, but because she is a girl she will never be allowed to compose openly and for profit. Her father is an awful man who uses her for his own gain the entire book. Her brother is sickly and looks up to her the whole book yet she is so resentful and whiny and I just couldn't like her.

Then there is the randomness of the fantasy world that she creates in her mind and sucks her brother into, which causes sickness and hurt. It just felt so forced and unnecessary to the story itself. Really wish I could have liked it, and since it was my first book by this author I'm reluctant to pick up any of her others.