This sits somewhere between 4 and 4.5 stars.

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I started this book back in May but ended up putting it aside cause I was in the mood for different genres but now that I’ve picked it up I regret not forcing myself to read it sooner. Historical fiction is one of my favourite genres and historical fantasy in particular is just always wonderfully delightful.

This book follows the story of the Mozart family, in particular Nannerl Mozart, Woferl Mozart’s sister. Everyone knows Mozart and his music, his legacy and name lives on to this day yet we never hear of his similarly talented sister.

I would recommend going into this without knowing much about it because it will make it all the more special and enveloping. The writing is beautiful and whimsical and immersive.

The only fault I can give this book so that at some point in the middle it starts to lose itself a bit and becomes a bit of a routine. I felt as if nothing happened for around 70-100 pages and it made me a little sad to just feel myself going along wishing for something to finally happening.

Overall it was a wonderfully magical story and I know I will hold it in my heart for years to come.