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What can I say about this book?
It was gorgeous. From the stunning cover (please take a moment to admire it), to the beautiful writing, heartfelt characters, and the incredible setting, this book was nothing short of exceptional. The premise in general sets us up for a wonderful read, the untold story of Mozart's older sister, who was also a musical prodigy. She is overlooked, however, because of her brother's age and ability to remember and recall music and musical notes.
Already a fun premise, right?
It gets better.
Nannerl begins visiting a magical land, where she meets a boy, Hyacinth, who promises her that she will be remembered for her talent. Every moment of this book was breathtaking, beautiful, unbearably interesting.
I couldn't put it down. It's hard to describe in real words what reading this book felt like. Pretty? Not enough. Magical? Closer. It was beyond stunning, beyond enjoyable.