Most Unique Read

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This is hands down the most unique concept I've read to date. Never in my life did I expect to read a fantasy about Maria Anna Mozart, but here we are! I read this book with my husband who's really into classical music, and it was an absolute delight! We both enjoyed it thoroughly and have since recommended it to many friends and family members.

The descriptive language in this book is so charming. This is the type of book you'll think about before falling asleep, while working, and anytime you put it down. I wanted nothing more than to tear through this story, but I had to wait for my husband to have free time. It was excruciating!

This was my introduction to Marie Lu, and I'll definitely be buying more of her work in the future! She had a way with words that sucks you right into the story. If her other books are half as good, I'm sure I'll still love them all!