Marie Lu writes the best female characters and you can fight me!

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How did my most anticipated 2020 release fared after devouring it for three days in between work shifts? Well, Marie Lu is my queen and her Highness does not include 'disappointment' in her works.

The Kingdom of Back is a lush and magical bigenre of historical fiction and fantasy introducing the story of musical prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his less familiar sister, Marianne Mozart. I've watched Marie's IGS highlights featuring Mozart trivia and I'm all the way shocked as to why there are fewer information about Wolfgang's sister who happened to be in the same tier with him in terms of musical acumen.

I want to sound unbiased with this review but Marie Lu is Marie Lu so let me just be straightforward and tell you that this is a different kind of adventure; something that is similar to Narnia and Peter Pan's Neverland but the characters and half of the settings are based on history and real-life. I've been with her and Day and June at the post-apocalyptic, war-stricken Earth at Legend, Adelina and the Rose at The Young Elites, Emika, Hideo, and the AI-dominated era at Warcross, and now this is another brand new genre that she clearly delivered well.

I'm amazed at how poetic the lines in this book are and how her style seemed to be pretty different knowing that this is first drafted twelve years ago. And Marie Lu clearly mastered the establishment of various female main characters with different personalities. Can we call them Marie Lu girl gang? Anyways, that's it. I finished this book and happy that this one ended on a less sad note if you know what I mean.

RATING: 4stars