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This book reminded me of Wintersong quite a bit, with the mysterious faerie figures and "underground" magical world. Honestly, what I love the most about Kingdom of Back is how Marie Lu seamlessly blends actual historical events and figures with fiction. For instance, I had no idea that Mozart had such a prodigious sister. Getting to learn more about Nannerl and her ambitions and dreams is an absolute joy. In addition, many of the misogynistic issues she faces throughout the book are still relevant today, and I'm eternally grateful to Marie Lu for presenting them through a historical lens. Considering I'd never heard of Mozart's sister prior to this novel, I wasn't very hopeful that the novel would have a positive/happy ending for Nannerl's story, but I was so wrong. I feel like Marie Lu ties up any loose ends brilliantly and gives precious Nannerl the ending she truly deserves. I highly recommend this book to fans of Wintersong, Pan's Labyrinth, and Peter Pan.