Loved it!

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Marie Lu’s work is something I have always loved and as usual she did not disappoint. This was such a good book, it made me feel, it made me inspired and it made me wish that it would never end.

This is a bit, not even a bit, a lot different than Marie Lu’s usual works but this is no worse. It is less dystopian and more lighthearted and beautiful than anything. It was something new, and I really liked that about it.

Predictably is never a good thing and this book wasn’t what I expected. I love historical fiction so this was a great book for me. I found I could relate, especially to the bond between the brother and sister.

Having a brother of my own, it was very relatable. I think this is one of Marie Lu’s book, it’s so interesting, and it was so great. Also the fae being in a book always makes me like it more!! I loved the fantasy aspects, I loved everything. A great story!!