Gorgeous Dark Fairy Tale

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"The Kingdom of Back" is considered historical fiction as the characters, Wolfgang "Woferl" and Marianne "Nannerl" Mozart did both exist, but the story Marie Lu has written them into is entirely an enchanting work of fairy tale.

Set in Salzburg in the 1750's, Woferl is only five and begin to show the first signs of the musical prodigy he is famous for being. His older sister, Nannerl is already an accomplished musician in her own right, but being a girl and in this time period, has no opportunity to have a long term career in music. In this time period, she is expected to give up everything that is important to her personally to marry, raise children and support whatever career a spouse will have. Of course, Nannerl feels this injustice and is resentful of Woferl who will be able to continue on without missing a beat.

Nannerl and Woferl tell stories to each other about a fantasy world that they name The Kingdom of Back with moss and ivy, magical swords, castles and ogres. They enjoy telling each other these stories at night before bed until aspects of the story start coming true. A handsome and mysterious fairy named Hyacinth promises to bring Nannerl the notoriety and a place in history as an acclaimed muscian which she desperately wants, but the cost is high and involves her young brother.

An engaging tale with beautiful descriptions of the Kingdom, I was transported during all the visits to The Kingdom of Back. Not to be missed.