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The Kingdom of Back is a young adult historical novel with an element of fantasy. I loved the author's note at the end about the inspiration for this novel - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his sister, known as Nannerl, made up stories about the "Kingdom of Back" as children. Marie Lu imagines the bond between the two children, their love for music, and this kingdom they share. Lu's writing is stunning, weaving together the fantasy world with historical events.

The story centers around Nannerl, who is talented in her own right but overlooked by their father due to the limitations of being a woman at the time. Knowing that her father would never approve of her composing, she writes music secretly. Only Wolfgang knows of her compositions and encourages her, while Nannerl grapples with her jealousy as her brother is heralded as a musical genius and supported by their father.

I love that Marie Lu has brought Nannerl's story, achievements, and obstacles to light for readers with her beautiful writing and definitely recommend this book!