Came for the Magic and left for the history

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I love Marie Lu's writing, especially her Legend series. And I was SUPER pumped for this one. But I was sadly disappointed.

The Kingdom of Back is a YA historical fantasy novel that follows the untold story of Nannerl Mozart, also known as Wolfgang Mozart's older sister. Much like her famous brother, Nannerl had a knack for music and writing. But she was a girl, it was frowned up, and often left her in the shadows of her brother's fame.

But in Lu's novel, Nannerl is given her own spotlight, with a sprinkling of magic thrown in to make it interesting. Especially in the addition of a mischievous fae known as Hyacinth, who takes Wolfgang and Nannerl to a magical land best known as the kingdom of back. On the condition that they complete three task that could possibly put their lives in danger.

The fantasy aspects of kingdoms of back were fascinating but I didn't much care for the history.