A Sweeping Magical Tale

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Nannerel's story is so much more painful than I expected--it was like a gut punch at the end, and thinking about this book makes me want to cry and rage. It's very different from the other stories Lu has written--it stands alone and is much more quiet and subdued rather than action-packed. This was the story she first used to query her agent, but is her 9th or 10th book published, and you can really see how important this story is to Lu.

Honestly, I considered DNF-ing in the first 2/3, because it was very much an atmospheric read and honestly a lot of sitting quietly and doing what you're told (which is it's own form of struggle, especially with its historical setting). But the last 1/3 swept me away and hurt and I think it made the experience worth it.

I would recommend going into The Kingdom of Back with the right mindset--prepare yourself for something quite and a little angry, until everything starts to come together and burst. Fans of Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones will enjoy this story of the Mozart siblings and the magical world that haunts their dreams