A Historical Fantasy with the Mozarts

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I loved this book. Let's start with the cover- it is one of my all time favorites. The blues are beautiful and evocative of the Kingdom of Back that Nannerl and her brother visit throughout the story.

This is the first book by Marie Lu that I have read, so I am not sure how much of a departure this is from her typical stories. The Kingdom of Back is half fairy tale (like the Brothers Grimm), half historical novel, telling the story of Nannerl, Wolfgang (Woferl) Amadeus Mozart's older sister. Like her brother, she was musically talented (understatement), but lived in a time where males were more revered than females, so did not achieve the fame of her younger brother. History indicates they were close, and she did tour with him when they were both children. This book takes place during those years.

The prose is dense, lyrical, and rich with imagery and ideas. Nannerl and her brother both visit the Kingdom of Back repeatedly. A character from the kingdom has the ability to visit and impact Nanerl and Woferl in the real world. As this is part fantasy, it's hard to tell what they created with their imagination and what is real. It's lovely and thought-provoking. Read it!

Thanks to Bookish First and Penguin Teen for an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.