A beautiful YA historical fantasy told from a new POV.

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The Kingdom of Back refers to the fictional kingdom invented by Mozart and less known, older sister Nannerl in their adolescence; reimagining their own little world as an alternate reality with a ruling prince who does deals with ambitious little girls to ensure her greatest desire, that she never be forgotten, is skillfully handled. The first few chapters quickly tell us how dependent Nannerl is on her father’s good opinion—after all, without it, no more music lessons, leaving her only the looming, unhappy prospect of marriage. She knows time is running out. Soon, her strict father will say she is too old to continue playing, and Nannerl desperately fears being forgotten, or being caged to her husband’s goals and whims, as her mother is. The love-hate between the siblings is compelling, as we see Nannerl’s prodigious little brother surpass her hard work with his own innate talent, giving her father what he desired most—a talented child who will change all their fortunes. Eager to read more. I’ve been looking forward to this book since it was first announced years ago.