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Not for me, although I was really excited to try this one

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The preview initially caught my attention, and I was honored to receive an ARC.

Unfortunately, the remainder of the book lost me.

An oil-hunting crew, out on a standard mission, discovers life 7 miles below sea level. The boss wants the archaeologists to pretend they didn't see it. He doesn't want the responsibility that will flow uphill. They, on the other hand, are desperate to know more. That's the first perspective.

The second perspective in which this book this told is that of the aliens. They initiated a "skip", whereby they fast forward many many years by going into a deep sleep. They're woken up too early, though, and they seek answers.

The two worlds will collide.

Where this book lost me is the religious nature of the aliens. I can't relate to it, I'm not interested in it, and I don't believe in it.

The writing was great, and I loved how the author crafted the characters. But the plot wasn't for me, so I could hold steady on this one. I found myself reading other books and considering this book more like work.