Just when you think you know Sci-fi.....

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For one...unbelievable three book edition. No waiting for the next in the series...it's all there...in this great ebook format. Contemporary Science Fiction at it's best, The Kalelah Series by Marshall Ross is a fantastic read. You will find yourself not able to put it down.

An alien ship at the bottom of the deep ocean. What it is doing there...that is the mystery. Then it takes off from there. I like that it has a level of spirituality in it. Yes God is mentioned in this Sci-fi book setting it apart from many others..but what's most special about it is the unique story that gives way to God and his purpose with these planets and people. The characters are wonderful. The setting is far out. The tone of all three books...I can't even explain. A truly unique story line...captivating from the start. If you have never tried Sci-fi or are an amateur of the genre I absolutely recommend this book. Not because it's an easy read..because it's not..but because it is so interesting..so meaningful...so surprisingly set apart from the typical stories of it's genre that you will not be intimidated by any of it.

I had such a great time reading it. I highly recommend.

Thanks to the wonderful people of BookishFirst, to author Marshall Ross, and to PublicNoise Press for my free copy of this book received via giveaway. I received. I read. I reviewed this book honestly and voluntarily.