Intriguing Take on the First Encounter Story

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In this collection of three novels, we get a "first contact" story from both perspectives of the people of Earth and the aliens who have landed here. This book was reminiscent of an alien blockbuster movie, starting with the confusion of discovery, the fear, the panic, and then exploring the ways the two groups react to the situation. What should be done with the creatures on the surface? What are humans to do with the aliens at the bottom of the ocean? I enjoyed hearing the story from both sides instead of just the people of Earth. It created more intrigue and did not paint either group as a villain as many first encounter stories do. The plot is fast paced, and the characters find themselves in an array of political controversy, romantic affairs, and existential questions creating a dynamic and well thought out story.

I'm glad I received all three books in one package as I think the story is better read as one big book instead of three separate ones. I don't think it needed to be split up so much, so buying the collected work is probably the best decision for this story. Fans of alien invasion thrillers will definitely enjoy this one.