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I was pleased to win in the Pacific Ocean. Oceanographers ping on something below. The scan shows a ship, but there is no way. Thinking it's a false reading, the team moves along. But what they don't know that below is a ship with people sleeping. These people have been sleeping for over a thousand years. They are now waking up because the ship has been scanned. Suddenly, humanity learns they are not alone and get to meet their creator's face to face. Faced with a warning of death from a fraction of the ship, Earth must protect itself from the ones claiming to do God's bidding.
I give teh first book 3.5 stars. It could have been a four but the first book does not have a self-contained story; it's really the exposition of teh whole series. I liked the world created, teh mythology, and teh character. I was willing to keep going because they made me want to know what was happening.
The second book only gets two stars. Every other chapter was a new character. Some of them wound into teh bigger story and somewhere just dead ends. Too much time was spent on these side stories than the actual plot.
I was so bored trying to get through crap like Facebook engagement when I wanted to know what was happening with the Kalelah crew.
The third book gets 2.5 stars. OIt continues in the fashion of teh second book, but it actually ties things up. Overall, I wasn't pleased with the ending as I felt they were just scratching the surface.
Overall, I would not have purchased these singly not wold I recommend the series to others.