Delve into the deepest mysteries of the world

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An amazing feature of humanity is our sentience. The way we are able to determine a dream for ourselves and in single-mindedness pursue that dream for years and decades - until the last of our days. A curious by-product of this single-mindedness is the way humans so frequently fail to notice the other creatures we share our planet with. Such is the case with Sarah Long. As she has bounced along the days of her life, she has barely noticed where her own feet have taken her and so it is with quite a jolt that she is confronted by a massive foreign object hidden beneath miles of ocean. She's certain that something that size must contain something important.

Within that very object lies Trin. A wonder among his own people, he has been awakened from a long-term slumber to deal with an emergency - it appears that their ship has been scanned. Surely that's impossible, as the technology to scan in this way must be many, many years off. And he would be right - if he hadn't mysteriously overslept by more than 100,000 years.

What has happened to his people? What will Sarah do with the knowledge she has now? Surely these two must meet, but much like the proverbial bird and fish - where will they live?

I am mesmerized by this tale. I cannot wait to read more!