An engaging and original plot line. I think I'm hooked!

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It seems that truly original plot lines and good writing are scarce commodities these days. As I read the opening bits, I found myself thinking that here, finally, is something I haven't read a dozen times before. Not only that, a well-written, complete, and complex female protagonist. Also, not something you run into every day. So, practically with the opening paragraph, I knew I was going to be pulled in to something I was going to enjoy a lot.

I really liked the way we are introduced to Sarah Long, the other major players, and how the stage is set. The authors style is refreshing and easy to follow.

A story set in real world, but where something different and new has been thrown into our every day reality happens to be one of the genres I find particularly enjoyable and here we have a new take on that type of story. There's something down there at the bottom of the ocean and it's something we could have never imagined. I can't wait for the rest of it, so I can enjoy the ride.