Strong Sequel!

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I absolutely loved Luna's debut novel for adults - Two Girls Down. As soon as I finished it, I hoped that Lunda would write a sequel - I just loved the dynamic between the two central characters. So needless to say when I got the opportunity to read an early copy of this one, I was so excited! The sequel is worth the wait and once again brings Alice Vega and Max Caplan together to work a case.

Set primarily in and around San Diego, Vega is brought in to consult on a case involving two Jane Does (the titular Janes) who are found with similar wounds and other evidence linking together the young Mexican teens. Vega asks Cap to leave Pennsylvania to join her and what follows is a fast-paced investigation that uncovers layers of a plot. There's humor, plenty of excitement and some genuine surprises to the plot. I especially love the relationship between Cap and Vega - the banter, the dialogue and their thoughts all help balance this otherwise dark story of underage sex slaves, illegal actions and plenty of violence. The ending is especially satisfying - and I absolutely can't wait for a third installment! I hope the wait isn't as long! I just love what Luna has created here - Vega is a great heroine, she is tough, smart and makes a great team with Cap. I can't wait to see who they will help next!