Spooky in the best way

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This author has cemented her autobuy status for me. Everything about this book was dark and mysterious in the best way. We get the same type of imagery from house of hollow, but with a whole new threesome to enjoy. Jude is snarky and dark, and rotting away from the inside. Zara is sad, desperate, and brainy enough to solve any problem, even death. And the witch that ties them all together is Emer. The demons make a really interesting extra character, always around, helping, but with a dark sinister undertone. I did not expect the big reveal, though once that came out I did guess the second part. Sutherland does not pull her punches on these books. There is brutality, and no one gets out unscathed. Even the ending, which a little untraditional, felt right and perfect. I would absolutely recommend this book for anyone who enjoyed House of Hollow.