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After reading and enjoying House of Hollow last year, I was so excited when I heard that the author is releasing a new book and thank you Penguin Teen for giving me access to an early e-galley.

The Invocations is Krystal Sutherland's sophomore YA mystery novel and this falls under the serial killer category.

Starting with what I liked about this book is how atmospheric it is. Everytime I read a dark or gothic book, I always check if the narration is able to support the vibe that the storyline is imposing and in The Invocations, Krystal successfully interconnect the voice and building of the setting with how violent and gruesome the events are.

Aside from that, I also loved the commentary about patriarchy and the message about women empowerment. It may not be an in-your-face commentary but I love to see significant stands like this in novel that I read.

And lastly, the overall package is just too SCARY to not give a five star rating!! Love the vibe, the impact, and well this one was wrapped up.