Very heartwarming

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Even though this story is based on a podcast, the storyline stands on it's own! I love the idea of superpowers but not in any superhero setting, Caleb is just trying to learn control. I also loved how Adam was his own developed complex character dealing with depression and self harm, instead of just a prop for Caleb's story. Their relationship was very sweet, and added a lot to the story. My 2 biggest issues were how quickly everything wrapped up and the unthreatening villain. With two chapters at the end giving closure to big issues, it didn't feel like enough space was given for the characters to process the climax, and indeed the climax seemed to have very little impact on the characters. As well, there was a mysterious group meant to scare the main characters, and it was scary for a while, but then it just became tiring because nothing ever truly came of it. Over all very sweet, but to be read more for the character relationships than the superpower plot!