Love is love

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I cannot say enough wonderful things about this YA/fantasy novel. First, the author does a wonderful job depicting a high school experience (minus the Atypical storyline), not shying away from topics such as bullying, LGBTQA relationships, depression, and cutting. While the book covers some heavy topics, the story itself is not overly heavy. You know the characters are not perfect and are dealing with a lot, but this is not a sad story.

I immediately fell in love with the two main characters: Caleb, an all-American teenage jock with a secret super power (he can feel others' emotions), and Alex, a nerd who is constantly getting picked on. Alex's emotions are the only ones that can make Caleb feel calm amongst the chaos of daily high school lifeand thus they form an unlikely friendship. Both of their lives change when they start to develop feelings for each other and neither knows how to express those feelings. At the same time Caleb's therapist warns him that he may be in danger.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a great story. The characters are relatable in their awkwardness toward each other as their relationship develops.