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fabulous and realistic portrayal at being a superhero teen

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The Infinite Noise is a quiet book. It's pitched as if the X-Men went to therapy and I think that's pretty accurate. The pressures of growing up, dealing with bullies and first loves, all balanced with power we cannot control and the danger of being exposed. I've never heard of The Bright Sessions before this book, but after The Infinite Noise I'll have to delve into it! You absolutely do not need to listen to it to adore this book. The Infinite Noise is one of the most realistic portrayals of being a super-powered teen I've ever read. Told in dual perspectives, we witness Caleb's frustrations with his power - how it changes his family dynamic and how he has to be careful not to abuse his power. All balanced with Adam's depression and own complex relationship to his parents.

Featuring a m/m relationship between Adam and Caleb, we're able to see, from both perspectives, how it would function to be friends and romantic partners with a super-powered teen. While there's the danger of telling everyone about Caleb's powers, there's also the pressure of being a teen, high school, social situations, and college. Adam's chapters could be seen as more relatable, because how many of us are super-powered empaths, but Caleb experiences this complex fear of being vulnerable. Of telling Adam and others about his power.