sounds loud!

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Being a teen is hard enough where you own emotions so its gotta be even harder with feeling others too! The idea of feeling EVERYONE'S emotions is not that crazy to me, I think that we often feel our friends emotions like when there sad were sad. But! If I think that if I felt everyone's emotions around me I would go crazy so I'm really intrigued to see what happens to Caleb and how hes gonna get through this one haha.
The colors on the cover I think go really well with the idea of the book, we associate moods with feeling and I think that If we could see feelings the main colors we would see in a high school would be green (jealousy) and red (love or anger!) also I think a bit of blue and yellow would be out there too (blue being sadness :( and yellow being someone actually enjoying school ).

Also I gotta say when I saw the cover I thought Caleb was the blue boy on the left, whoops!