Would You Want to Know?

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Back in May 2019, I wrote a review that said, "Based on all of the promotion, I really wanted to like this book a lot more than I did." I'm expanding on that review now. What if someone told you that they could predict the day of your death? Would you want to know? Would knowing your death date change anything about the way you lived your life? Most of us would want to know. These are the questions that drive the book, "The Immortalists" by Chloe Benjamin. The story revolves around the four Gold siblings living in NYC in the late '60's. They hear a rumor about a psychic staying nearby and go to see what she can predict about their future. The reader is screaming at this point, "Please don't do this. You are just children. You do not need to know!" I was so upset, but not completely surprised when the psychic agreed to tell them. I did not have a close relationship with siblings growing up, but it seemed a little unrealistic tome that they never sit around and talked about this to each other or to their parents. Would this kind of trauma make them closer or drive them apart? If they knew the death dates of their siblings would they try to intervene to stop the outcome? The rest of the story revolves around watching the lives of each sibling unfold. While I won't spoil the endings, I will say that I would take caution in recommending this book. There could be many triggers.