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When will you.??

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Would you like to know when you're going to die? How would that effect the way you live? Would it make a difference? While this story does not really look at those questions, they are in the background. Four children on a hot summer afternoon in the big city visit a gypsy who has the reputation of being able to tell a person when they will die. She doesn't say how or why, just the date. Separately, she gives each child a date. As they grow, each child takes that information differently. The book takes each child and follows his or hers life from when the last child leaves home until the death of the first to die. After that we follow the children in order of who dies next. Not until the last child faces fate without the other three is the question of why would you even believe such a thing asked. One wonders what might have happened if that question had been asked earlier.
I found the book thought provoking. I received this book from Bookish for this review.