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This epic family drama was completely incredible! It revolves around four children who encounter a fortune teller who tells them their exact death date.
This novel was both a study of family dynamics and a study of how to survive when you don't know how long you have left.

Each child deals with their death date in a unique way, and each part of the book delves into their lives before their deaths.

This book made me think about the best ways to live - is it with abandon? Is it with prudence? Is there a better way to live in the middle? This is a phenomenally written existential novel that will be popular with book clubs and often poses more questions than it answers.

Would you want to know the exact date when you will die? I'm not so sure that I would. It's a perfect book for people who believe in destiny or haven't made up their minds. This book encourages self-reflection and is well-written. It is something I would suggest!