Intriguing and unique

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I loved this book and the beautiful cover! I was very intrigued by the book description and then read it for book club a few years back. The writing was brilliant, the story was entertaining, heart-wrenching at times, and each sibling's character was so well-developed. This book explores many different themes, such as religion, sibling rivalry, family and regrets. It follows the lives of four siblings who find out the date of each of their deaths by a traveling gypsy fortune teller, which ultimately influences the way they choose to live their lives. It gave me the chance to think about my life and how I would have chosen to do things differently. I think readers will either love this book and connect to it in some way or dislike it and not make any connection to it at all. This book still has me thinking, it was that memorable. However, this book may not appeal to everyone.