Interesting and Beautifully Written

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This book is not what I thought it would be. Four siblings sneak out to a traveling fortune teller to hear the date they will each die. And their lives after sure are interesting in their own way.
I loved how unique each sibling and their story was, and it was a beautifully written book. It was also very depressing, and every one of the siblings would have benefited from professional help. It was pretty much just a run through of each sibling's life.
While the ride was entertaining, there didn't really seem to be a point at the end of it all. Strands connected through the story, then seemed to fray at the finish line. While it is a story that will stick with me, I wish it had some sort of grand ending; some woven piece that just fit everything together. It felt unfinished, like someone partway through a sentence then just trails off. Perhaps a few more questions answered would have been nice as well.