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The Immortalists held an interesting premise about four siblings who learn the date when they would die. My immediate question regarding this premise would be how the knowledge of your death date would shape the choices you made in living your life and if this knowledge actually helped make the date a reality. I felt that this knowledge really did help shape the death date for Simon and Klara who lived a little reckless and tried to appreciate all of life since their prediction was so young. It made me wonder what would have happened to these two if they had been given a later date or if they never had this knowledge. While the story is beautifully written and very detailed, I felt a bit of a disconnection with the majority of characters. I started out loving Simon and became more detached with each sibling. I did like the deliberate way this story was written based on the sibling’s death prediction. I do wonder if you could form a better connection with some of the siblings, if they played a bigger role in the other storylines or if we jumped around more to show them earlier in the book. Overall, I liked the book and I really loved how they ended on a more hopeful note with being able to see Ruby and Robert and how they ended up.