The High Season is quaint like the town it is placed in

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The beginning chapters felt like a warm sweater on a cold day, cozy. I really want to know more of what happens to these characters. The main family is like an ordinary family of this time. They are separated, yet friendly with each other. They have one daughter, who is a teenager. You don’t know too much about her yet but the parents characterize her like a typical teenager of today. Their house which is the cornerstone of the story. It is mortgaged up to the roof but the main characters love it. They love the town and what the summer brings. The summer brings the rich Manhattanites out to the Island to vacation. This gives the owners a chance to rent their house out so they can pay the mortgage for the rest of the year. Only problem is moving out and living somewhere else during the summer. Plus watching and hearing about the other family in your house. I’m very curious to how this story will play out. Will friends be made in unlikely circles?