Perfect Beach Read!

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This book is a must to take to the beach this summer! It’s Memorial Day Weekend, Ruthie and her daughter Jem are packing to leave their house on Long Island for the summer. They rent it to vacationers every summer so they can afford to live there the rest of the year. Ruthie is a strong woman but she is going through some rough times. She makes some bad decisions and I found myself rooting for her throughout the whole book to straighten out her life.

Ms. Blundell writes a compelling story and tackles many issues, including relationships (among friends, family and co-workers), class, and wealth. The story is believable, touching, emotional and sometimes surprising. All of the characters seem very human because all have their flaws, but they all have their own reasons. Even though I didn’t like some of the characters, they all seemed very real. This is the author’s first book for adults and I look forward to more books from her.