Not what I was hoping for

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I really have no clue why I finished this. I wanted it to be an enjoyable beach-esque read, but I found it felt too heavy and yet there were no characters I particularly felt anything for. It wasn't as entertaining as others I have read and it didn't have a spark that I expected.

Typically I love books that place in the eastern part of the US often in the more upscale portions with the elite. I like a book full of unlikable characters if they're interesting or smart, but this doesn't fit that bill. There wasn't even really a romance to root for or enough drama between the characters to make up for a lack of romance. Ruthie continued to make insane decisions that could have backfired and ruined her life in at least a dozen ways and yet instead of waiting for her to get caught, I was just frustrated with her stubborn stupidity.

If you are looking for fun beach reads grab Sarah Morgan or Jamie Brenner as they are better and the drama is at least more fun to read about.