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I really wanted to save this book for when I was actually on a beach, but also wanted to be fair and write my review and thank BookishFirst and RandomHouse for my advanced arc.
Ruthie believes she has the perfect life even though her and her handsome husband Mike are separated, they still share their love for their summer home and their daughter Jem who is 15 year olds and trying to find her way in life. The only problem is that they don’t get to spend their summers in their cute beach home, they are forced to rent it out during “High Season” in order help with the upkeep and pay the mortgage.

The renter for this season is a widow, Adeline Clay of a famous painter, Peter Clay, who Ruthie used to intern with many years ago. With her comes her stepson, Peter Clay who believes he is entitled to everything and anything. Once Adeline shows up, Ruthie’s world starts spinning out of control and she feels like she is losing grip on her life. I’ll stop here because you really need to read this book, there are so many more characters and stories within this story that help you get away from it all and be immersed in it all. I highly recommend this book!