Good writing about a bad subject

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Vapid, Tepid, Entitled – in all the worst ways. Arghh, I just really disliked all the characters in this book and couldn’t muster the empathy nor sympathy which would have made any part of this book palatable. Having said that, I wonder if that isn’t what good writing is all about - the ability to evoke strong reactions.

There was a paragraph that begged a universal question: “If you held a thing that could change everything, if it could ease your anguish, repair what had been broken … if it could give you exactly what you wanted …. would you just toss it back in a box?” OR WOULD YOU EXPLOIT IT? And that is part of the premise that runs through this book. Never mind that that “thing” doesn’t belong to you, or might be stolen, or might be fraud, or might be so underhanded, or might really hurt someone else.

All in all, another quote by a minor character sums it all up for me: “It’s just a pain to even be a bystander to all this stupid mean shit.”