A Summer Giveaway- "The Summer Bummer....

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Every year since their divorce, Ruthie, and Jem her daughter, had to move from their cottage by the sea, to rent it out to summer people. Jem calls it the summer bummer because it is right by the Hamptons, and all her friends that she goes to school with every year, but the money they receive from the rental makes them solvent every year and is paying the debt off they had from remodeling it.

Even though they are divorced, Mike her ex, helps with all the work that is done to keep up the house.Mike just wants to sell it, and gets annoyed when Ruthie tells him they can't make a profit until the work is paid off. To Ruthie, this house represents her daughter's future college education! Mike and Ruthie decided to sell the house in 2 years when their daughter graduates from high school, but like all things-everything is negotiable.

I like the way that it is written in Ruthie's point of view, and there is great dialog between the characters. I love the sound of this book and want to read it! Right where this excerpt stopped, their summer rener had arrived and Ruthie is irritated at the way she touches everything. Let's see what happens!