A good beach read

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Don’t let my rating of 3 out of 5 stars fool you. I really enjoyed this book. Why then the middle of the road rating you might ask? There have just been so many incredible 4 and 5 star books lately that I am being stingy with my higher ratings.
The High Season is a perfect beach read. Not only is it set during the Summer on a beach, it is full of love, heartache, betrayal and relationships that change as often as the tides. I really enjoyed the main character Ruthie Beamish. I rooted for her from the very beginning of the book. She is not your typical book character. She’s older, but not too old, and she’s a divorcee’ who has a spunkiness and fight in her that I admired. Doe, is another of our leads. She is young and fiercely determined to shed her trashy and tragic Florida upbringing in order to make it among the rich and influential Summer vacationers on this North Fork island.
There are some interesting side plots that occur throughout, but the main story is Ruthie’s world which is crashing down around her. She is losing her husband (although they are already separated) to a famous woman who rents Ruthie’s house for the summer, she is very close to losing her job, and her teenage daughter Jemma is having troubles with friends at school.
Pick this book up if you see it in the airport. I can almost guarantee that you will be as swept into this story as I was.