The perfect beach read!

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I love how in just two chapters, I already feel like I’ve got a pretty good idea who Ruthie and Adeline are as characters. We’ve already been set up for lots of emotional roller coasters, and potential drama, but somehow the author has thrown in some wit and humor and it feels like a nice contemporary read.

I wouldn’t call The High Season just a summer read, but also a beach read. Mostly because with a beach read, you need some gossip and some turmoil to help keep you from drifting to sleep in the summer sun’s unforgiving brightness. I can just imagine myself sitting at my favorite beach reading this book and getting awful book-shaped tan lines as I try to figure out how Ruthie is going to fix her life, and how the rest of the summer in this quiet beach town will go. Because after just two chapters, you can tell, there’s probably going to be a bit of a disruption.