Very promising but it fell short for me

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This book is definitely a promising one because even though I am not the biggest fan of sci-fi books, I am aware that there are not too many releases under this genre. So as a disclaimer, I'll say that I had high expectations for this one.

Second thing that caught my attention is the cover, that's a specific an on-brand cover art that will definitely caught my eye if I'm a casual bookstore browser.

But here are my honest thoughts after reading the physical copy I received from BookishFirst.

The beginning was a shock to me because there was a specific scene that I personally believe is unnecessary to the plot.

I accept the fact that this genre requires lots (if not tons) of information since we are talking about technology and machines and robots and stuff but as I finished the last pages of the book, I realized that there were information dumped that are not necessary if we're talking about the plot.

These info should've removed to highlight the things that are critical to the storyline.

Again, save from that intimate scene in the beginning I was excited since the plot was promising but boy did it go off course. I so want to like the book but I think the narration wasn't polished hence the potential was lost in the middle of the plot.

From there, I struggle to finish the book but I still did after a few days so I will give it a generous three stars for the effort and the feeling of excitement I got when I started this.