Too futuristic

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I wanted to give this a good, honest go. It seemed interesting from the excerpt. Futuristic science fiction. The cover was cool, I was into it. But the first thing that threw me was the extremely consistent use of they/them. Look, even if you're writing a futuristic novel, you have to remember that present-day people are reading it. Not people from the future. So when every character's pronouns are they/them, it gets very confusing very quickly. Even more confusing when several other characters are he/them. WHO ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! I would rather have read their names over and over again instead of they/them pronouns. That would have been less confusing. And every time Elise met someone new, she wasn't allowed to assume their gender based on appearance so every new character was they/them until there was any dialogue and the character confirmed their pronouns. It made it so hard to get into and really detracted from the story which was kind of cool but was bogged down by all of these gender neutralities.