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So I liked the book up until there was a fake rape or an assumption of an assault and I couldn't get past it. I couldn't get any father after i read it. It just wasn't my cup of tea when it got to that chapter. I do like the book and I loved all the numbers and it was really interesting for a sci Fi book. I did love the characters especially when she was able ro calculate the speed and how she was able to figure that out was interesting. I was surprised when the book put in a fake assault. I wasn't expecting that and I really didn't like that at all especially since it is a sci Fi book and not really and romance. So I didn't think that would've been in this book. The author should state this even if it's faek because of people who was assaulted this could be a trigger even if it is a small mention it really is inconsiderate of the author to no mention a trigger in this book.