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Let me preface my review by saying that this is solely my opinion of this book, and I believe people should check it out on their own to form their own opinion.
The cover of The Hermes Protocol is interesting and pretty. It does a good job of giving some indication of what to expect from this story. The premise of the book was interesting and, again, corresponds with the cover to set the tone of what to expect from this story.
Overall,this book wjust wasn't something that I could get into. I picked it up, laid it down, picked it up, and laid it down again and again in an effort to try to get into it. I like sci-fi stories and was hopeful for this story, but I just couldn't get into it. The story somewhat started off well, but there was so much description throughout this story that it became difficult to focus on and read this book. Ultimately, I couldn't finish this book.