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The world-building in this novel was epic. I love how you can understand what Elise is doing even though everything is so high-tech and advanced. The title (Hermes Protocol) relates to a real life computer program, which I though was a nice touch. Elise's developing bond with Quynn was realistic. Quynn cares about Elise while having to work for the Corto company, and this adds personal complication to the plot as Elise faces off against other, more dangerous enemies.
The sleek cybernetic on the book cover instantly draws you in. You can see that Elise is determined and dangerous, and that even her prosthetics are built for purpose and use in a world full of high-tech luxuries.
I love this book. The wording is vivid (although a bit too vivid in the sex scenes at the start of the book). I love Elise's character and quirks. This was overall a fun novel to read.