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There are a couple of things about this book that I didn’t love and for me it made it very difficult to read every page in a dedicated way.

1) I love a good romance. It is one of the things that I look forward to when reading a book. And this book had a relationship that was already established before the start of the time period of this novel. For me, this choice made it difficult for me to actually get attached to the characters.

2) we start out the story in a moment of action and adventure and we never stop going running around and action/adventuring all over the place from there. To me, starting a book and continuing it with nonstop action from minute one you lose the chance to get attached to the characters and any hope for character development along the way.

3) I felt like a lot of the time the book was using most of its word count to explain some type of technology to me. And while I understand that this is an advanced technology based world, I struggle to care about every piece of technology that the book wants to explain to me.