Adult Science Fiction Adventure

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This book takes place in the future where humans have accomplished space travel, colonies on other worlds, and cyber- and nano-technology. Elise Corto-Intel is an intel operative for the Corto Company, one of the five companies that basically control the colonies. All of her natural limbs have been replaced with cybernetic limbs that make her job of sneaking and stealing easier. She also has implants in most of the rest of her natural body for this purpose. Everything goes sideways when her job of stealing the contents of a safe ends up with her gaining an illegal artificial intelligence's voice in her head. Now she has to recover Bastion's lost chip and try to figure out who hired her for this career-ending suicide mission. She'll have help from her partner Quyen, work partner and friend Hessod, and Echo whose unique skills have helped her with many missions. Along the way, she'll have to dodge assassins and fights she isn't equipped for and decide who she can trust. Will Elise walk away with her career and her life?