A Cyberpunk Adrenaline Rush

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Over the past year, I have become a cyberpunk fan and was so excited to receive this book! I wasn't disappointed; it was one death-wish adventure after another. I loved the constant, near impossible situations that Elise found herself in and the deeper connection she made with Bastion through each one.

I typically enjoy character driven stories more than plot driven ones, but in this case, I found that the plot drive structure worked because it was just a constant thrill ride. The characters themselves are pretty flat and unfortunately don't have a tremendous amount of character development from the beginning to the end, but again, I think it worked here. There were a few moments where Bastion and Elise had some heart to heart conversations, and they came at perfect moments to remind us that there are characters here and not just plot events.

The world building of Jayu City and the boroughs didn't go into a tremendous amount of depth, but there was enough to support the plot and create the tension as Elise has to borough hop. There were a few points where I just wish there was a little more.

If there was one thing that really kept this from being a five star read for me, it would be the over emphasis on the characters' pronouns. I appreciated the diversity of the characters; it was implemented with respect and inclusivity; however, there were points where I felt it was a little overpowering. Almost like the author was trying a little too hard.

Conclusions are important to me in determining my overall opinion of a book, and I will say that I was quite happy with how the book ended. There is definitely some subtle undertones that there could potentially be a sequel, and if there is...I will indeed read it.