This book creeped me out!

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I don't tend to reach much YA, but when I read the premise for this book, I had to pick it up because I'm a sucker for any book that has a haunted house in it! This was a really fun haunted house story! It was suitably creepy and more than a little gory. There is some animal death so be aware if you are sensitive to that topic. It's more of a mention and not graphic or detailed violence to an animal. There is a lot of suspense and tension while you wait to see what horrible thing will happen next, which tends to creep me out. It made me want to keep listening into the night. The characters I liked didn't get the ending I had hoped for but it made sense for the story. The last bit became very much like a horror movie and had a touch of camp, but I think the best horror is able to mock itself a little. I really enjoyed this book and would not hesitate to pick up another book by Danielle Vega!