Met my expectations and even exceeded them.

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I was most eager to read this book solely based on the synopsis. The idea of a house being "alive" in any manner intrigued me.
The two protagonists in the story could not be more opposite for each other. The female MC moves to a new town and house to escape an abusive relationship with her previous boyfriend. The family doesn't know that two children died in their new home, one by murder and the other by suicide. They were brother and sister.
The surviving sibling, Eddie, is haunted by his siblings deaths and lives in a ramshackled house behind Hendricks's home. After a series of unexplainable occurrences causes harm the Hendricks' younger brother and Eddie, the two join forces to rid the house of its ghosts.
Turns out not two people died in the house, but more in the past.
The plot, generally, flowed well. The ending was a tad unbelievable in spots, but the author wrapped all plot lines with expertise AND a shocking revelation. Overall, an entertaining read.